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Geberit is a Swiss multinational group specialized in manufacturing and supplying sanitary parts and related systems. It is a leader in its field in Europe with a global presence through its subsidiaries.

An angry customer under the name of ¨Anon¨ shares some of his/her thoughts about the purchase of a ¨Geberit 111.798.00.1¨in a review posted on AMAZON US. "I've had nothing but problems with the valve and other internal components. A part actually broke off and now lives inside my toilet bowl where the water comes out into the bowl. It actually sticks out so I've been trying little by little to break pieces off. I've had this thing installed a year and still have to pull the valve up manually to flush it. So if you know what that means it's not cute nor would average people understand how to flush the damn thing."


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Former Employee - Country Manager says

"Reducing R&D on core business, go for wrong direction on acquiring ceramic products"

Former Employee - BDM says

"huge company so it gets difficult to justify yourself most of the time"

Current Employee - Data Analyst says

"The workload is very high. Managers recklessly gives you work"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Demanding organizational structure, overlays, inefficient, not adapted to reality Product portfolio too complex, lagging behind Politics and hierarchical company"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"can appear to have arrogant attitude at times within the company, but that was more certain people than general attitude"

Current Employee - Senior Sales Coordinator says

"career growth is very less."


"nothing bad to say realy"

Chandleroz says

"Absolutely useless! Every morning it takes 5-10 flushes to completely clear the toilet. What a waste of time! I think they were designed that way to try and save water. But it's false economy with all the additional flushes needed."

Mr Michael Marston says

"Don't buy anything from this cowboy company as they don't care about your health and hygiene I have to sit in my own filth for a week until they can be bothered to fix my toilet and customer services are a waste of time.. I have mnd and can't wipe my bottom this company is a waste of time and recommend you to use a more respected company that cares about you and not just your money."

Andrea Pomphrey says

"I have a geberit bath filler with overflow/ pop drainage.
Despite water in my other bathroom and shower being fine. The output of water from this device takes 45 minutes to run a bath- not fit for purpose"

Helene Ebach says

"I bought Mera Comfort. I thought it might be similar to a true Japanese Toilet, Unfortunately this is not the case!
The toilet seat is not truly heated. I am disappointed!"

Carol Mendelsohn Apothaker says

"Just finished renovating a bathroom and we were so excited to get a new gerberit wall hung toilet. The flusher plate is crap. It gets stuck every time we flush and keeps flushing until we remove the cover. I have it and will never buy again"

Elizabeth Franklin says

"Geberit flush plates are rubbish first one hinges on push button broke and second one only 8 months old has done the same so flimsy would not recommend."

Gaz Farrimond says

"I wouldn’t give it one star do not get one of these toilets they explode and flood your house"

Paul Wilson says

"Spent a small fortune having an Aquaclean Sela bidet toilet fitted for elderly parents and have had nothing but trouble. One of the most annoying things is that the spray nozzle on the end of the arm that projects out is just a push fit so over time it works its way off, drops in the toilet and is flushed away. Then it really gets annoying when calling the customer support to order a new one. It takes ages for the support person (15-25 minutes on the phone is not unusual) to work out what the part is and then it takes a week to arrive from Germany! Not even a chance of a quick delivery option. Gerberit you really should take a look at yourself from the perspective of a customer and you will realise that all is not as rosey as you image."

Mariano Rizzi says

"plastic has very low quality and each component is made to operate less time possibile. horrible quality of wc wash box. never more."

Mike Hughesman says

"After a while (usually 4-5 years) the seal at the base of the cistern flush system develops small bubbles which allow water to trickle through and lead to the cistern continuously topping up the water level. YouTube has a number of helpful fixes that allow you to pop the bubbles in the seal and fix the leak. I contacted Geberit about this and they refused to accept responsibility; they denied that it is a product fault despite the fact that the seal is not fit for purpose. Best advice is to avoid Geberit products altogether."

Lydia DI RIENZO says

"Gerbeit Duo Sigma 75 wall Hung Cisterns. I have to agree with the other reviews of a poor product. We purchased four of these units and all FOUR keep running after they are flushed. I contacted Gerbeit, and as per the other reviews the service is extremely poor.
The Cisterns are not the quality that should be expected. I can only assume the mechanical parts are a cheap version from China.
They are claiming Swiss made however if I am having a problem with four units, they are no better than a cheap Bunnings Cistern. Sorry Bunnings, we do actually get better service from your store.
I truly hope that my review assists others in making a better decision in your purchase than I have."

BG says

"I was given a specific geberit flush button, an expensive one, and I was warned that it would be difficult to find a cistern that would be compatible.

How difficult could it be? IMPOSSIBLE!
I first went onto the website, and the information was not available (or at least not clearly laid out).
So I contacted the company directly. After a frustratingly long turnaround time (over a week), geberit finally responded with my options.

Great! I buy the cisterns, plumber fits them, later tells me the cistern doesn't have the right system! Apparently I need a pneumatic system, rather than a manual one. You'd think when my question was so specific, I would have had a more helpful response telling me this.

It has been an absolute nightmare getting to this point, and I've forked out hundreds of £s to get to nothing.

Useless customer service. Won't bother with them again.

Grohe have a far easier system."

Sathish Kumar says

"We did great mistake by fitting geberit to bathroom flush
From the very 1st day, I face problem of water leakage..
Very expensive but not worth.."


"At great expense, we bought the Geberit Citterio wall hung toilet and matching toilet seat because we liked the design. What a massive mistake! Within a couple of months, the chrome hinges on the toilet seat started corroding even though we had only used specialist bathroom products on them. After deliberating for 3 weeks, Geberit customer service blamed us and refused to replace the hinges.

After a similar length of time, the toilet seat started moving from side to side. My husband tightened up the screws on the hinges, but within a couple of months it did it again. Back to Geberit customer services and after another 3 weeks of deliberation, they again blamed us. Apparently we may have put force on one side of the toilet seat. Actually no - the heaviest in my family is my husband at only 12 stones and funnily enough we haven't been jumping up and down on the seat on one side. Also, according to them regular maintenance of their products is par for the course - although strangely this doesn't apply to the other non-Geberit toilets in my house.

So, we had to buy new replacement hinges ourselves at a cost of £72.50. At this point, they went out-of-stock on the parts for guess what - 3 weeks! That only means one thing - a lot of other poor unfortunate Geberit customers were suffering the same thing as us.

I bought this product from (one of only a few UK suppliers of this product line) and I submitted an honest review of my experiences. That was almost 3 weeks ago and my review still hasn't been published. It makes you think that they are complicit as they know a 1 star review will kill their sales.

Expensive rubbish - I will never buy another Geberit product ever again."

Sally, Brighton says

"Advised to buy 3 different parts costing £90 to replace toilet flush valve etc. The parts were completely incompatible and did not fit to each other. Of course, I cant send them back for a refund because the boxes had been opened. Had to pay for plumber's time £150 on top of this - and although he tried GEBERIT ADVISED COMPLETELY THE WRONG PARTS. Could not get through to the technical advice on the phone. Dont buy Geberit! Go to a reputable company like Armitage Shanks, Ideal Standard, or similar, much better service"

Sandie Camara says

"If you are thinking of buying a aquaclean 8000 DONT it’s a waste of money and the customer service is a joke. When you read reviews on disability sites men seem to like it a lot but the women are none to impressed with having water and air blown up them. Gerberit answer...oh just don’t use the functions, have it as a normal toilet instead.

You end up with a £3k + toilet that doesn’t flush adequately unless you use the full functions and it doesn’t even come with a lid....appalling"

Sapna Shetty says

"We have bought 3 wall mounted concealed cisterns & were having difficulties in setting it up. Called the call center for help....the recommended technician was drunk, refused to come & countless complaints to the call center was of no use. They kept getting vague answers like 'all technicians are on training' & then later said all technicians in Bangalore are on leave!!!!!
Absolute useless bunch sitting there & of no help at all!! Better to buy from other brands."

dawn ennis says

"Had toilet fitted takes weeks for a repair. And sometimes won't even come warranty is rubbish have to fight tooth and nail for them to come. And when you get to the head office try to cover it up and threatened legal action against me because I won't shut up as disabled had it put in to help. Wish never did as it keeps going faulty and their customer service is DISGUSTING.
Avoid like plague"

Ian Coull says

"I have now had 3 Icon 750mm washbasins so far and each one has arrived twisted (not level). The first two were supplied by their local distributor. The third washbasin was ordered directly from the Gberit factory in Germany by the area sales manager. He said that it was going to checked at the factory to make sure that was going to be right, but - you guessed it, it arrived twisted.
They don't seem to think that it's problem when you speak to them.They just say to box it up and that they'll order another one. The fact that you would have no working washbasin in your expensively refurbished bathroom doesn't seem to be an issue and the word "sorry", doesn't seem to be in their vocabulary. Shocking, avoid."

Mark Warburton says

"My previous review for Geberit was a little harsh, after I left my review I was contacted by Richard at Geberit, He was very helpful and sent me some new parts for my toilets customer service and care was amazing thanks to Richard"

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